Reinstalling PS4-waker HomeAssistant Docker Image

Quick guide to reinstalling PS4-waker on homeassistant/home-assistant:latest docker image.

I recently decided to update my homeassistant docker image running on my Synology NAS and couldn’t for the sake of me remember how to get PS4-Waker installed again. This is the only issue I had, for those with HAS running in Docker on Synology you will know the quickest way to update is to download the new image and create a new container. So that’s what I did and the below lines took me best part of half hour to remember and get working!

Your config files and everything will be still in the /config folder stored on your Syno so no need to worry about backing them up, also the **.ps4-wake.credentials.json **will still be located within the /config folder too. (if you copied it there the first time around 😉 )

No need to update anything else because it should still be the same as what’s in your configuration.yaml file.