RZYco Update

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I started this blog years and years ago. I wanted a place where I could keep all my hints and tips that I learnt over the years. After multiple problems with hosting companies I decided to self host. 

It was never meant to be a place to get comments / shares or even any interaction from the outside world, it was more a place for me to come back to if I ever came across an issue again. Then it kind of changed to me sharing all different kinds of issues. Now the time has come to shut it down and move all the data to somewhere else. 

The domain name https://rzy.co is still going to be used but not for this kind of thing. I won’t say what it’s going to be used for at the minute as it’s still up the air but I have a pretty good idea. 

I’m still decided where to keep my blog and the final resting place / new home for all the posts I’ve got on here so far. I do have multiple domain names but I’m thinking something like:

https://rzy.me or https://blog.rzy.me

https://rhodzy.com or https://rhodzy.co.uk

Or probably my preferable one:


I’m still decided on a platform for it too. Although I do love WordPress I’ve got a real soft spot for GHOST at the minute. 

Over and out. See you on the other side.