Lead Forensics Spam List

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If like me you get bombarded by a company called Lead Forensics with emails, then more emails and more emails. Here is a list of blocked domains that I have received emails from. Please do use them! This company is an absolute disgrace. I’ll keep this list updated going forward as no doubt more domains will be appearing. Please use this list to block them on your email server / outlook client etc. I usually receive 3 from them per week from different email accounts. They’ve also started to use Mail Gun to send emails so I will also create a list of email address that they come from. If you do have anymore not on the list, please comment them below so I can add and also block them myself! 

Lead Forensics Domains to block


Lead Forensics MailGun addresses



I finally received an email with an unsubscribe link


You will be presented with a nice Red page

Then once submitted you will get confirmation

All while trying to unsubscribe getting bombarded with live chat messages asking why you are on their site and do you want a free 14 day trial!