HomeAssistant nginx WebSocket fix Synology (UPDATED)

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I had a previous post explaining the issue, I was having with HomeAssistant and Reverse Proxy running on a Synology NAS. Basically in short, you update DSM, then you cannot login to your home assistant installation via reverse proxy. 

Well luckily for us Synology have updated Docker and now there is a simple way of allowing access back. 

Just follow the simple instructions below and you should be good to do. NO MORE EDITING PORTAL.MOUSTACHE! 

  • Login to DSM
  • Open up Control Panel
  • Navigate to Application Portal
  • Navigate to Reverse Proxy
  • Open up your Home Assistant Entry
  • Click Custom Header
  • Click create (will need to do this twice as there are two entries)
  • Insert the below
Header NameValue

Everything should be ok now and you should be able to login to HomeAssistant 🙂