Synology DS918+ so far

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I’ve finally taken the plunge into the unknown for me, an all singing, all dancing NAS box. This comes in the form of the Synology DS918+

I bought the NAS with a 10TB IronWolf drive (single for now) just until I got all my data copied across. My data was scattered about all over the place stored on different devices and it was getting silly, by buying this I am now able to get all my data into one place.

What’s running:

  • HomeAssistant (for all my home automations)
  • NZBGet (for all my downloads)
  • Sonarr
  • Radarr
  • VPN Server
  • WordPress
  • Tautulli (Plex Monitoring)
  • Plex Server (for all my media needs)
  • Docker
  • Mail Server (Still to configure)

Even with all the above running the device isn’t even using half of the RAM or CPU resources. It’s also helped me from the dreaded electricity company, by installing this NAS I’ve been able to so far shut down:

  • Windows 10 Laptop (on 24/7 every day of the server)
  • 1TB USB HDD (Required Power)
  • 2TB USB HDD (Required Power)
  • Raspberry PI Zero
  • Raspberry PI 3

I’m in the finally stages of copying the rest of my data across from my WD 4TB NAS box and then that will be the final device that I will need to shut down permanently.

Once all my data is copied over I will be buying a second 10TB IronWolf drive. More to come when I have more features installed and running!