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Install button greyed out Philips Smart TV

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The information worked with the below TV 🙂 Philips 55PUS6262 55 Inch 4K UHD HDR Ambilight Smart TV The time came where I wanted to install an APK file on my Philips Smart TV (Android) and it wasn’t available within the app store. So naturally the APK was downloaded, found within File Explorer on the network share and when it …

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LetsEncrypt Certs & Auto Renewal Synology NAS

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I’m currently using about 9 different LetsEncrypt certificates on my Synology nas and wasn’t sure if they auto renewed or if I would have to manually renew them. After some hunting around the web I came across a way to kick off the renewal process for the certificates. SSH into your box and run the below code. /usr/syno/sbin/syno-letsencrypt renew-all Some …

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Creating ‘Vanity’ URLs SharePoint 2013

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I use the word Vanity loosly here, it basically creates a nice short URL such as http://SHORT that will redirect to http://sharepoint/sites/mine/SitePages/something%20Very%20Long%20pagename.aspx – this is all done through IIS so you will need access to all web front end servers that are serving your SharePoint farm.