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RZYco Update

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I started this blog years and years ago. I wanted a place where I could keep all my hints and tips that I learnt over the years. After multiple problems with hosting companies I decided to self host.  It was never meant to be a place to get comments / shares or even any interaction from the outside world, it …

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Lead Forensics Spam List

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If like me you get bombarded by a company called Lead Forensics with emails, then more emails and more emails. Here is a list of blocked domains that I have received emails from. Please do use them! This company is an absolute disgrace. I’ll keep this list updated going forward as no doubt more domains will be appearing. Please use …

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Changing site URL GHOST Docker

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So if you are like me and like to tinker about with different platforms you might be wondering how to update the URL for Ghost on a synology NAS docker image.  After some digging I found out just how simple it was, rather than showing http://localhost:2345 mine now shows the correct URL. If the docker environment variables simply add Variable …

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Restoring to a host name site collection (SharePoint 2013)

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When backing up a SharePoint site and restoring to a HNSC (Host name site collection) the command is slightly different. You have to specify the web application and also the database that the HNSC sits in.  For example: Restore-SPSite http://mysite -Path E:\TEMP\mysite.bak -force -HostHeaderWebApplication http://mywebapp -DatabaseName MySharePointDatabase The above command will restore the mysite.bak file to the URL http://mysite which …

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Portainer Synology NAS Docker

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If like me you wanted to install Portainer to manage your docker environment from where ever you are, using a synology NAS. Make sure you do the below. You first need to edit the dockerd.json file to allow access. The below is what my config file, basically you are just adding in: “hosts” : [ “tcp://localhost:2375”, “unix:///var/run/docker.sock” ], Edit: /var/packages/Docker/etc/dockerd.json  …