Another little handy trick which I use more than I thought I would with #homeassistant is the ability to turn my #PS4 on with the touch of the button.   I can also say to #Alexa: Alexa, turn my Playstation on And as if by magic, she will turn my PS4 on for me without … Continue reading HOME AUTOMATION: HOME ASSISTANT: PS4-WAKER

PS4 Remote Play

This weekend I decided to start playing around with the #PS4 #RemotePlay application that #Sony has just released for Windows and Mac OSX. I was extremely excited to see this being released although it probably does mean my #Vita and #VitaTV are going to be made redundant now! Download Link:┬áhttps://remoteplay.dl.playstation.net/remoteplay/lang/en/index.html Installation on Mac OSX, really … Continue reading PS4 Remote Play