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VPS Server

I’ve recently moved all of my websites from #GoDaddy shared hosting to my own #VPS server. I wanted to run my own installation of #Confluence on a server rather than just keeping it local to my Macbook so I can access from anywhere.

This was a challenging couple of days as I had no idea what I was doing, from setting up #cPanel to configuring my own name servers and backing up / Migrating my data to the new server.

So far I think I have everything working as I expect I just need to decide what to do with some of the domain names I own now.

This is going to be my main blog, but I’m also thinking of starting up some of my other projects that have been and gone because I just didn’t have the time to get them up a running.

More to follow.

Website Hosting

I’m currently looking to change my hosting provider, I’m currently with GoDaddy and so far I’ve had no issues apart from getting resource mail notifications all the time. I’m not paying anymore than I do because I know there will be some different ones out there that will fulfil my needs more than GoDaddy is currently doing!

I’ve been with a few others in the past and they start off OK and then suddenly it all goes down hill when I need some support. I’m going to start looking around for somewhere I can host my 11 websites, somewhere I can have unlimited MySQL databases and unlimited email accounts. I first switched to GoDaddy due to me having multiple domain names purchased through them.

Does anyone have any recommendations on where is good value for money without as many restrictions? I love cPanel so not interested in Windows hosting.

Wallabag – reading app

Well last night I was looking on my GoDaddy cPanel to see what I could do and see if I could make anything better. I noticed a section where I could install drupal and wordpress from and then noticed a little option saying “more” I clicked this and noticed an application call Wallabag, now I’ve never heard of this before but after reading a short description I thought it would be something I could use.

So now we know what it is, I’ve used this more than I thought I would have, they have Chrome extensions, iOS and Android applications and it syncs really quickly (although I guess this depends on your web hosting)

I like the idea that I have it all within my website too so I can access from anywhere I am. I’m a bit of a geek like that knowing that all the things I use are hosted with me. Although I do use other apps that are hosted elsewhere, I would just rather do it myself and use my own domain names 🙂

I must admit the iOS app could do with an update to make it look a little nicer but for now it is doing me fine!