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Another little handy trick which I use more than I thought I would with #homeassistant is the ability to turn my #PS4 on with the touch of the button.


I can also say to #Alexa:

Alexa, turn my Playstation on

And as if by magic, she will turn my PS4 on for me without me even lifting a finger. I will post more on how to use Alexa with Home Assistant commands in another post.

The app you want to install is called “PS4-Waker

This tool is really simple to install and by following the instructions on the link above can be done within minutes. You then need to follow the instructions to get it connect to your PS4, you also need to use the PlayStation app on your Android/iOS device as part of the process.

Then to get a switch into HomeAssistant – Just add the following:

# PS4 Switcher
switch ps4_power:
platform: command_line
command_on: ‘sudo ps4-waker’
command_off: ‘sudo ps4-waker standby’
friendly_name: PS4 Power