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Pokemon Go + 30yo Male

Well today has been an interesting day, for some time I have wondered what the whole #PokemonGO phase was about so I decided to put the app on my phone. BIG MISTAKE.

Seriously you have to go around and see rustling in bushes which means there could be a Pokemon about. The aim is to catch as many different ones as you can. When you come across a Pokemon you have to try and capture it. This happens by throwing a ball and trying to capture the creature.

It’s so addictive, me and 3 other mates all grown men walking around the office carpark trying to find these Pokemon! I don’t even like Pokemon!

I ever found one at my desk at work!

So yeah…if you want to have a life, not get addicted then DO NOT download the app onto your phone. Your life will be over!

My recent hate towards the iPhone

For as long as I can remember I’ve always had troubles, some kind or another with #Apple #iPhones. Whether it be because of my own stupidity from #Jailbreaking, replacing parts myself because it seems so hard to get an appointment at Apple stores. One way or another I always well and truly mess my iPhones up. I’ve had them all except the S versions but ever since the very first iPhone my biggest gripe has always been the battery life! No matter what I do, what I close down, even when everything is turned off (little bit pointless in my opinion) they just seem to drain.

The latest scenario is my iPhone 6, the battery drain was ridiculous. I’ve had it well over a year now and the battery would jump from 100%, to 70% to 50% after just a few hours off charge. This wasn’t ideal for me with me doing on call for work. Sometimes it would show 40% and then 5 minutes later it would completely shut off. Wouldn’t power on or anything. Then when I plugged it in to charge voila it would miraculously be at 45% WTF?

So I decided to make a change, I went out and did what I do best and change phones. I bought out right the #LGG5 and boy what a phone it is! So many great features, battery life is incredible even without turning anything off!

I bought this as a stop gap until the #iPhone7 is released but depending how well I get on with this phone and if it can keep my interest I may not even make the swap! Watch this space!

Do you have iPhone battery issues? If so let me know below! I’m interested to see how other peoples batteries perform!