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Internet Shopping Disaster

Well I’m having quite a bit of back luck at the minute with internet shopping, I’ve ordered three things that each item hasn’t turned up, order cancelled or my order has “been stuck in the system”

Only one of the items was from eBay too which is surprising, the other two were from online shoe retailers which were the real kick in the knackers.

I only wanted a pair of brown shoes (decent ones) so I decided to have a look on the told www and came across a site that had the exact ones I wanted. I placed the order and just waited, eventually I had an email saying they hadn’t passed “quality control” so they were cancelling the order and a full refund was issued. This left me with a couple of days to find some, get them ordered and delivered. I came across “” found some perfect ones and paid for next day delivery (yesterday) however this morning they still hadn’t arrived so I gave them a call. It wasn’t a nice call centre, the woman I was speaking to seemed to huffing and puffing down the phone and was trying to find out what had happened. “oh your order appears to have been stuck in the system and currently in picking, we will try and push it a long and send them out as soon as we can” Well I needed them for tomorrow for my friends wedding. ORDER CANCELLED. She issued the refund straight away and now I’m stuck without any shoes! Fantastic!