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AdVenture Capitalist PS4

This is basically what my weekend has been:

I’ve been sat staring at this screen for quite a while… not because I am sad, but because this game is so bloody addictive!

This is an actual screenshot from my game right now as I write this, it gets so annoying waiting for the money to rack up but also I’m not letting the trophy “The Great AdVenture! – Unlock the 626th Achievement on Earth” get out of my sights now I’ve come so far.

Even though there is a money glitch, which is actually really simple to do: While in the game, set the date of your PS4 system to the year 2000, go back into the game, wait about 15 seconds, close the game, change the date of PS4 to 2099 and then launch the game. INSTANT money. (You can repeat as many times as you want with this.)

Even still with the money glitch, it’s still addictive it just helps things move along quickly!

I have to say though, for a free game, it’s nice, simple, addictive so if you get addicted to things easily I wouldn’t recommend it 😉 the amount of times I’ve nearly thrown my controller with getting fed up of waiting. Best of all, the money still racks up if you are offline. It uses the PS4 clock to work out how long 😉

Fallout 4 is back

A couple of weeks ago I posted “Bored of Fallout 4” this was because I got bored, I had destroyed the #Railroad, I destroyed the #Army with a Nuclear weapon. I was only left with the #MinuteMen and to be honest Preston was really getting on my nerves with made the game boring. Going around and keeping the settlements happy.

I decided to give it another go and this resulted in my buying the #SeasonPass which gave me access to the #Automatron, well if you don’t know what this is give it a go! It brings in Robots to the world of #Fallout and allows you to create your own. It makes the game a little more interesting but don’t do what I do and go after the #Mechanist straight way. It will cut the game short and now I am back in the same boat just helping out the settlements.

I’m going to carry on playing it for a while but I have a feeling it may go again very soon unless another add-on is released! 🙂

PS4 Remote Play


This weekend I decided to start playing around with the #PS4 #RemotePlay application that #Sony has just released for Windows and Mac OSX. I was extremely excited to see this being released although it probably does mean my #Vita and #VitaTV are going to be made redundant now!

Download Link:

Installation on Mac OSX, really easy, simply download from the site above and launch the app. I didn’t have to open any ports on my firewall, nor do any configuration. Simply sign in with your PSN ID and it should go away and find your PlayStation! Simples!

The only grumble in which I have and it’s nothing major is that you need to have your controller connected via USB which can be a bit of a pain in the arse.

I have tried this from my local network and also outside from my friends house and both worked exactly the same without any lag or frame drops. But I guess this also depends on your internet connection at both locations!

Apart from that… WELL DONE #SONY! You have done extremely well with this app!

Fallout 4 Addiction

I’ve played fallout 3 before and couldn’t really get into it, I found that wondering about in the wasteland getting attacked by random creatures, not having enough weapons or bullets to be just a little depressing and I couldn’t get a long with it.

Fallout 4 then got released and I decided to buy it, again I found it difficult to get into and getting killed in the commonwealth was just too much for me, then something happened… rather than just giving up I decided to carry on playing. “It’s not too bad this” I thought to myself and I suddenly went from level 5 to level 26 within the space of just a few weeks. (I put some serious gaming time in) to get to that level and went through joining the railroad and other various factions that appear throughout the game.

I appear to be getting withdrawal symptoms now though, whenever I don’t play it I feel something is missing in my life. This has never happened with a game before. I also try and play every spare minute I can, but this is getting too much. 1 hour turns into a full day of doing nothing but killing synths, monsters and raiders. It’s amazing.