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Little Discoveries

When I moved to Bournemouth, I was looking for new adventures and to see different sites, but recently on my fortnight visit to #Barnsley I looked for things to do. I came across #YorkshireWildlifePark located in Doncaster. Believe it or not it’s only 30 miles from where I live and I have never been there in my 30 years of living.

If you haven’t been there go and check it out, I thought it was a zoo but when I was there you realise it’s not actually a Zoo. It’s an amazing place and I got to see some animals that I would never expect to see in Yorkshire… Polar Bears! YES! In Yorkshire!

Have a look at the website: It’s well worth the £15 entry fee, in fact I was tempted to buy an annual pass even if that meant I would only probably get to go once more in the year. The animals are so well cared for and in a weird way they actually look happy!


Some of the highlights of my trip were: (in no particular order)

  •  Seeing the Polar Bears, Luckily when I got there there were two of them playing with each other in the large river that was in their enclosure. This was a pretty magical site. It got a lot better when further down as I was walking away another one came past and right underneath me. I said to myself there and then this is probably the first and last time I would get this close to a Polar Bear! Such amazing animals, so large and the paws are ridiculously big! 
  • Giraffes’s, 4 of them in the enclosure, I thought the first three that I saw were big but when the 4th one came out it overshadowed the others! So large! 
  • Wallaby – Walking through the Wallaby enclosure, getting up close and personal with them, I noticed a rather large one stood against the fence. (Early reading that baby Wallaby’s stay within the mothers pouch for months and don’t regularly make an appearance) It turned out it was a female who had a baby within the pouch… and guess what.. Yep the baby popped it’s head out for quite some time! Amazing!

It was a great day out and I would highly recommend going to see it if you can get a chance. This post might sound like I have never seen these types of animals before and that I’ve never been to a Zoo, well you would be wrong, I’ve been to quite a few but this one was different, very different and I’m not sure why. Go and give it a visit and see if you think the same!

Time really does fly

On my old blog some time ago I blogged about how I was moving away. (the blog posts no longer there as I deleted them all for a fresh start) Well when I blogged about this, it was exactly 3 years ago today. That would have made me 27, a week today I going to be 30. It got me thinking how is it possible that I told myself I was only going to move to Bournemouth for 2 years, earn some money and move back North and buy another house? Where has the extra year gone?

It shocked me just how quickly that the 3 years has gone, I remember the first day I moved down here, my Audi completely packed top to bottom with clothes, gadgets and basically all my life possessions! In the 3 years I have lived in 4 houses, had one long term girlfriend and had some amazing holidays (route 66 and others)

I’m not sure if turning 30 is having something to do with all the thoughts I’m having but I’m not sure if I’m scared, excited or nervous! I think it is a little bit of everything, I mean, I have no kids, an ex wife, multiple ex girlfriends and yet I find myself not believing I am actually 30. So much has happened in my life and each and every person, event and adventures have made me the person I am today. It’s scary, I’m still not sure where I want to be, down south or up north. What I want to do for a living is another story too. At the age of 16 I went for an admin apprenticeship and ended up getting an apprenticeship in IT. Now 14 years later I am working in SharePoint, Drupal, Confluence and other collaboration tools. I’ve no idea how I ended up where I am or even where I will end up, all I know is this is a journey I really never expected. The Unknown is something that scares me.