Breathing/Sinus/Snoring Problems!

For the past few years I appear to have had issues with snoring, now to me this isn’t a problem but for the person I am with it really does matter. Apparently It’s so loud my downstairs neighbours have heard it before. Now that is pretty good going.

Its been mentioned before that I also stop breathing when I’m asleep which all points to “Sleep Apnea” which would also explain why I am tired all the time, no motivation and basically a miserable bastard.

I’ve tried all sorts of gadgets to stop snoring:

  • Stop Snoring Rings
  • Electrocution gadget
  • Nostril plugs
  • Different pillows

Now I’m onto my latest gadget NeilMed Sinugator,


It’s a solution you mix with water and sends jets off water shooting up your nose. Now the problem with this is it has salt in the mixture… and when the water goes up your nose it comes back into my mouth (from the inside) which makes me cough all over. I’ve started to do this in the shower every night because it’s the safest place for me to do it! So far it seems to be doing some good but time will tell.

I still have a blocked nose in the morning and really dry mouth (due to breathing through it all night) but eventually I hope that will go! Snoring doesn’t seem to be bad from what I have heard on the sleep recording apps but still happening.

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