Bored of Fallout 4

Well it’s finally hit me, I have got bored of playing #Fallout4. It was all good up until I completely blew up and killed the #RailRoad and the #BrotherhoodOfSteel.

I made the mistake of joining the #Institute, the thought of knowing my son was the leader of the Institute I knew where I had to be. Now all the missions I have are the silly little ones from the #MinuteMen. I made a big mistake by killing the rest of the factions. I REALLY WISH I HADN’T gone down that route.

So now I find myself with rubbish side missions, getting very little XP, doing similar things over and over again, killing raiders, killing goules and having to go back and forth talking to Preston. Not what I call a fun game anymore. I refuse to start again and do the game a different way so I’m now on the hunt for another game to find and play that can get me as addicted as #Fallout4. Any recommendations?

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