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Getting to grips with Confluence

Well first of all I’m not looking forward to admitting this but I’m really starting to enjoy Confluence and what it has to offer, as a SharePoint guy I didn’t think I would get on with it. I’m really interested to see how they work together and how easy it will be to connect them up and see what can be done. From what I can see though it looks promising and eventually I know the day will come where it will happen.

I paid for the full version of Confluence last night and also bought a theme builder license from the store which wasn’t too bad, I’m really determined to find better ways of using it and making sure that I can do the best for people when they ask me for something.

I’ve decided to use my installation (local to my Macbook Pro) as my own private knowledge base and testing areas to build up my knowledge of it, eventually if everything goes alright, I will move it to a public facing server so I can access from anywhere but for now it’s staying as all mine. It gives me a perfect excuse to use my Macbook in the office as well as getting all the benefits of using my own computer at work!

I’ve messed up a few times with the themes and completely messed up the pages but me being me found a way to restore them back to their full glory. Which I guess is what I wanted to do, learn how to actually use the thing!

I’m still not 100% sold on it (SharePoint in me is fighting to get out) but I’m sure they could both work well together and make something really amazing.

Installing Confluence on Mac OS X

So recently I got myself a new Macbook Pro for my birthday. I wanted it because I like it so much more than Windows especially for coding etc and because it integrates all my Apple stuff at the same time.

Anyway as part of my job I have to work with, support and develop an application call Confluence. This is something quite new that I have had to take on and support so rather than having classroom training etc, I decided to install it on my own computer and learn on my own! I must admit that it’s only a trial install, mainly because I didn’t want to use an external database and just wanted to take it wherever my Macbook went with me. I don’t plan on using it for production needs but something that I can learn, edit and get to grips with so I can support and make better my companies Confluence production installation.

I followed the guide from Atlassian, which to be fair worked pretty well for me, I just had to make a few minor tweaks to the java JDK installation home directory within one of the configuration files (not sure if this has changed in El Capitan)

For the java JDK home directory I had to use the following location


The guide can be found here and is really easy to get a trial license code for free by just creating an account on the Atlassian website.

I’ve not really played about with the installation as yet but that is what I am going to be doing over the next couple of days, I’m hoping that it doesn’t take too long to get to grips with the admin side of things and from what I’ve seen it looks pretty good. I’m a SharePoint expert so taking on new technologies like this is exciting but also at the same time I really wish I didn’t have to learn it, but hey ho! The more knowledge I get in my head the better right! I will mainly be looking at the connectors for SharePoint to Confluence and Confluence to SharePoint as this should make for a better user experience and they can choose the platform they would rather use.