London Marathon 2016

Well what can I say about the #LondonMarathon, this was my first time ever watching it, I’ve never watched it on TV before and I’d never been to watch it in person. I can only sum it up in one word…AMAZING. I got invited to go watch and not only go and watch I was in seats that you couldn’t even buy. #GrandStand seats at the finish line. It was an opportunity that I just couldn’t turn down so Saturday morning saw me travel to London ready for the #Marathon on Sunday. I wanted to make sure I got there with plenty of time and also so I could see some of the sights.

Nothing could have prepared me for how many people were actually going to be there on Sunday, not only running, but the spectators too. It really was something else, I usually get really annoyed when people stop in the road but somehow this was different. I just enjoyed the moment and especially with Virgin creating the hash tag #OneInAMillion.

I got to see #PrinceHarry giving out medals to the winners, I got to see the world record attempts being broken, just a shame that #EliudKipchoge didn’t beat the fastest time ever for a marathon. I could see the excitement in his face when he realised it was so close.

The only problem I had was that I didn’t know #JemimaSumgong had that terrible fall and still went on to win with such a good time for the women runners.

Overall an amazing day and such good fun to be a part of. My eyes are still seeing people move from watching all the finishes come in! Great fancy dress outfits.

So many people running and all doing it for something close to their hearts. #MillionMemories.

It’s definitely made me want to be part of it next year. That’s if I can get a place!


Elite female runners

1. Jemima Sumgong (Kenya) 2:22:58
2. Tigist Tufa (Ethiopia) 2:23:03
3. Florence Kiplagat (Kenya) 2:23:39
4. Volha Mazuronak (Belarus) 2:23:54
5. Aselefech Mergia (Ethiopia) 2:23:57
6. Mare Dibaba (Ethiopia) 2:24:09
7. Feyse Tadese (Ethiopia) 2:25:03
8. Priscah Jeptoo (Kenya) 2:27:27
9. Mary Keitany (Kenya) 2:28:30
10. Jessica Augusto (Portugal) 2:28:53

Elite male runners

1. Eliud Kipchoge (Kenya) 2:03:05
2. Stanley Biwott (Kenya) 2:03:51
3. Kenenisa Bekele (Ethiopia) 2:06:36
4. Ghirmay Ghebreslassie (Eritrea) 2:07:46
5. Wilson Kipsang (Kenya) 2:07:52
6. Tilahun Regassa (Ethiopia) 2:09:47
7. Sisay Lemma (Ethiopia) 2:10:45
8. Callum Hawkins (Britain) 2:10:52
9. Dennis Kimetto (Kenya) 2:11:44
10. Ghebrezgiabhier Kibrom (Eritrea) 2:11:56

Get more Settlers in Fallout 4

If you have trouble like me getting more #Settlers into your settlements then just follow the below steps that have helped me!

Food – The more food you have, the more people you can get. Just planting food will not be enough. You need to assign a worker to the food so it can be counted as a resource in your Workshop menu. To assign a worker, go into the workshop menu and click on a settler. This will make it so you are commanding him and can use him where you see fit. You can command them to harvest food, to go guard posts and work at work stations.

Recruitment Radio Beacon – You will need a generator, a power pylon connector and of course, the recruitment beacon. Place the generator anywhere you want and place the power pylon and recruitment beacon near it. Use triangle (Y on xbox) on the pylon to connect the wire to the generator AND therecruitment beacon. The beacon will automatically be on and you can turn it off if you think a settlement is getting to big. (I don’t always use the following sometimes just a beacon and a generator connected with a wire will do the job)

Water – Making sure you have enough water is another key. I try to keep it around 1 per person and normally go a bit overboard so I can stay away for awhile if new settlers come. A water pump doesn’t need to be manned by a settler and is pretty easy to make.

Beds – If you have 17 settlers, you need 17 beds. It is always good to have extra beds so new people can come and join while you are out adventuring. This is what I found the hard way, sometimes you just need to have more of everything to keep them happy.

Defenses – This isn’t 100% needed to get more settlers but it will help keep your settlers alive. Every now and then a camp of yours will be raided and you can go defend it. Placing turrets, traps and guard posts will increase the defense of a settlement and increase the odds of your settlers surviving.

You can assign a settler to work at a guard post to increase defenses with that. You can also give settlers new weapons and ammo to help out when the raiders attack. I would avoid explosives though, they are more likely to blow themselves up with it then use it properly.

I generally forget about the little camps from the #Minutemen missions and concentrate on building up the main ones first. You can always sort the smaller settlements out later on down the line. Currently I am building up the #Castle, #StarlightDriveIn and of course the #Sanctuary

Fallout 4 is back

A couple of weeks ago I posted “Bored of Fallout 4” this was because I got bored, I had destroyed the #Railroad, I destroyed the #Army with a Nuclear weapon. I was only left with the #MinuteMen and to be honest Preston was really getting on my nerves with made the game boring. Going around and keeping the settlements happy.

I decided to give it another go and this resulted in my buying the #SeasonPass which gave me access to the #Automatron, well if you don’t know what this is give it a go! It brings in Robots to the world of #Fallout and allows you to create your own. It makes the game a little more interesting but don’t do what I do and go after the #Mechanist straight way. It will cut the game short and now I am back in the same boat just helping out the settlements.

I’m going to carry on playing it for a while but I have a feeling it may go again very soon unless another add-on is released! 🙂

VPS Server

I’ve recently moved all of my websites from #GoDaddy shared hosting to my own #VPS server. I wanted to run my own installation of #Confluence on a server rather than just keeping it local to my Macbook so I can access from anywhere.

This was a challenging couple of days as I had no idea what I was doing, from setting up #cPanel to configuring my own name servers and backing up / Migrating my data to the new server.

So far I think I have everything working as I expect I just need to decide what to do with some of the domain names I own now.

This is going to be my main blog, but I’m also thinking of starting up some of my other projects that have been and gone because I just didn’t have the time to get them up a running.

More to follow.

Bored of Fallout 4

Well it’s finally hit me, I have got bored of playing #Fallout4. It was all good up until I completely blew up and killed the #RailRoad and the #BrotherhoodOfSteel.

I made the mistake of joining the #Institute, the thought of knowing my son was the leader of the Institute I knew where I had to be. Now all the missions I have are the silly little ones from the #MinuteMen. I made a big mistake by killing the rest of the factions. I REALLY WISH I HADN’T gone down that route.

So now I find myself with rubbish side missions, getting very little XP, doing similar things over and over again, killing raiders, killing goules and having to go back and forth talking to Preston. Not what I call a fun game anymore. I refuse to start again and do the game a different way so I’m now on the hunt for another game to find and play that can get me as addicted as #Fallout4. Any recommendations?

PS4 Remote Play


This weekend I decided to start playing around with the #PS4 #RemotePlay application that #Sony has just released for Windows and Mac OSX. I was extremely excited to see this being released although it probably does mean my #Vita and #VitaTV are going to be made redundant now!

Download Link:

Installation on Mac OSX, really easy, simply download from the site above and launch the app. I didn’t have to open any ports on my firewall, nor do any configuration. Simply sign in with your PSN ID and it should go away and find your PlayStation! Simples!

The only grumble in which I have and it’s nothing major is that you need to have your controller connected via USB which can be a bit of a pain in the arse.

I have tried this from my local network and also outside from my friends house and both worked exactly the same without any lag or frame drops. But I guess this also depends on your internet connection at both locations!

Apart from that… WELL DONE #SONY! You have done extremely well with this app!

Active X errors SharePoint 2013/ SharePoint 2010 & IE11

This may not be the same for everyone but I recently had this error at work and it was doing my head in.

When a user got upgraded to IE11 from IE8 and went to a #SharePoint site, they were presented with a nice #ActiveX error that just wouldn’t go away! After lots of Investigations and Googling I still couldn’t find a solution.


Eventually I decided to get our #webapp URL’s and Host-name site collections added into the trusted site list and deployed via #GroupPolicy

Now we don’t get any #ActiveX issues within the sites we added to the trusted site lists.

As I said above, it might not apply to everyone but it certainly worked for the company that I work at.

Code blocks are not allowed in this file


Users report the following error when attempting to access a document library in #SharePoint.

An error occurred during the processing of /site/SharedDocuments/Forms/AllItems.aspx. Code blocks are not allowed in this file.


Ever so often I have clients contact me with a SharePoint library fully corrupted reporting an error such as “Code blocks are not allowed in this file”.  The error is, in fact, limited to a specific view but it’s usually the default view, therefore the error makes the library appear like it is completely inaccessible.  The root cause of the error is simple – a user replaced a view file from the /forms/ folder of the document library, typically “AllItems.aspx” such as the screenshot below suggests.  Typically this occurs when the user is using explorer view but I’ve heard of manifest presentations of this error as well.


1) Open site that contains the library

2) Click on “Site Actions” >> “Site Settings” to view the site settings page “_layouts/settings.aspx”

3) Click on the library that displays the error to view the library’s settings page

4) Add a new view to the library and check the box “default view”

Host-named Site Collections

You must use #Windows #PowerShell to create a host-named site collection. You cannot use the #SharePoint 2013 Central Administration web application to create a host-named site collection, but you can use Central Administration to manage the site collection after you have created it.

You can create a host-named site collection by using the Windows PowerShell New-SPSite cmdlet with the -HostHeaderWebApplication parameter, as shown in the following example:

To create host-named site collections
  1. Verify that you have the following memberships:
  • The securityadmin fixed server role on the SQL Server instance.
  • The db_owner fixed database role on all databases that are to be updated.
  • The Administrators group on the server on which you are running the Windows PowerShell cmdlet.

An administrator can use the Add-SPShellAdmin cmdlet to grant permissions to use SharePoint 2013 cmdlets.

  1. On the Start menu, click All Programs.
  1. On the Start menu, click All Programs.
  2. Click Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Products.
  3. Click SharePoint 2013 Management Shell.
  4. At the Windows PowerShell command prompt (that is, PS C:\>), type the following syntax:
New-SPSite '' -HostHeaderWebApplication 'http://<servername>' -Name 'Portal' -Description 'Customer root' -OwnerAlias 'contoso\administrator' -language 1033 -Template 'STS#0'

This creates a host-named site collection that has the URL,, in the SharePoint 2013 web application that has the URL ,

New Gallery Page

I’m finally starting to get this site coming together how I used to have my blog about 5 years ago before I deleted it.

I’ve just created my new #gallery page – I won’t be putting every single photo I’ve taken in here but I will be putting a fair few. Still not sure if I want one large gallery or if I will be creating the page with different links to different events. Most likely the second one!

I’m still debating whether to do this or not as there are so many #SocialMedia platforms now where you can easily upload photos to such as #Instagram, #Flickr and even #Facebook. I use them all, I put different stuff on different platforms. It doesn’t even make sense where I put things, it just depends what I fancy using at the time.

I’m probably going to use the #Gallery for my all time favourite photos.

What do you think? What do you use your gallery for?